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Changes in the loading platform height

Published on 03 18, 2013

The height of the loading platform can change with time and use and must be monitored by the end user.

This is reason why Spencer Italia S.r.l.  considers it essential to inform the end users as follows:

“Once the wheels for loading are positioned on the loading platform of the ambulance, the wheels of the front leg should be at least 6 cm from the ground surface. This distance must be regularly checked. If it has changed, the stretcher must immediately be reset by the Manufacturer or by an authorized Service Centre. Failure to do this means that the Manufacturer will not accept any responsibility for incorrect functioning or for any damage of any kind that the stretcher may cause.

All stretchers and stretcher blocks supplied by us are delivered with a strongly adhesive reflective label with above indications. It should be positioned on the loading platform of the vehicle on which the stretcher is to be installed. It is a useful reminder to the end use to  regularly check the distance on the loading platform height.

Doing this, we can help you to protect your product over the years and at the same time, teach and make the end user more responsible.

For correct use of the Spencer stretchers,  it is essential to strictly follow the indications given n the  user and maintenance manual for both the installation and the regulation of the device. The correct set up of the stretcher will permit its use without any risks for the patient, operator or the actual device.