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EN 1789 Declarations

In conformity with the technical norms for medical vehicles and their equipment on Medical Devices and the UNI EN 1789 and  UNI EN 1865-1, Spencer offers  a vast selection of products with 10G certification  designed especially for emergency and rescue equipment.

But as in her tradition, Spencer continues to look beyond. We are today the only manufacturer in the world in our field able to offer products tested and certified  20G.

All components of the Spencer 20G range are developed to guarantee the maximum safety for both patients and rescuer, thanks to the use of high tech, lightweight raw materials  (magnesium and aluminium) adapted from the more traditional use made in aeronautical manufacturing.

Soon you will  be able to read and download the declarations of conformity to UNI EN 1789 of all our key products. Until they are online, you can continue to request them by sending an email to