Quality assurance forum

Why create a forum on Quality?

The concept of Quality has become an essential element in any business development. The possibility of competing in wider more complex fields , it is essential that any organization is able to offer products and services with advanced , tested and guaranteed quality characteristics.

This is the reason why Spencer Italia S.r.l is today using the important communications instrument to:

  • To spread the “Culture of Quality”
  • To offer improved visibility and access to information regarding the frequent updates in normatives and laws regulating product safety  and quality
  • To understand together the contents of the requirements
  • To exchange  experiences

Through the publication of newsletters we will offer you our knowledge of product safety, normatives and laws etc and we will keep you updated regarding the evolution of our products.

Any comments or suggestions you may have regarding any information published will be considered as a valid means of both confrontation and growth.

Enjoy the job!

Loredana Albano
Quality Manager